We’re not web designers, although a lot of what we design is on the web. As the digital landscape continually shifts, our focus is on crafting congruent experiences across online mediums, whether that’s on a website, application, or social media platform.

Our Business is Personal

People are at the base of everything we do, from our clients, to our coworkers, friends, and end-users. Every moment spent in interaction and experience is an opportunity to create more value, and we take these opportunities seriously.

Strategy-driven design for agile companies.

We like to partner with hungry organizations looking to grow their business digitally. Combining research, strategy, and design, we create bold ideas that break through the static.

Awareness, Empathy, and Responsibility.

These are the values necessary to win in a hyper-connected world, and we take that into consideration with every project.

Some of our clients and friends:

Finding Patton & Schachte was a godsend.

“They thought critically about how to design the site in a way that would be user friendly and efficient. It was a great process.”

Patton & Schachte helped me create the “Rolls-Royce” of websites.

“From strategy, to design and development, working with them allowed me to realize and execute my vision, and it has paid dividends.”